Why Advertise on Placemats?

Why placemat advertising works

  • According to Newsweek Media Magazine, 48% of television viewers leave the room when commercials come on. Of the viewers who remain, 82% are ‘inattentive’.
  • 76% of readers claimed to remember advertising on menus or placemats, compared to only 64% of newspaper readers who claimed to have ‘skimmed the ads’.
  • 69% of newspaper advertisers report little to no noticeable results from display advertising (ads larger than 1″ x 1″). 77% of business-owners report advertising in television and radio with NO noticeable results with an average expense of $1,300.00/month.
  • 89% of the customers who dine out at restaurants report an annual income of $35,000/year or higher. Placemat advertising features your business in front of thousands of people per month – for just pennies a day!
  • Local4All supplies placemats to more than 70 restaurants in 8 geographic areas. If you want to build your business in and around Butler County, Armstrong County, Indiana County or northern Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, we can help!  For maps, use the white navigation bar above, then call our office or one of our independent sales agents to get started.

From one satisfied customer:  John Kaczor of Kaczor Ravioli Company says “Placemat advertising has been very effective for my company.”  John’s ads started in the Ford City area and he soon added Alle-Kiski and Kittanning.  His like-homemade ravioli and pierogies are available in a growing number of retail locations.  John works closely with Carl to figure out his best strategy.

While results may vary from one ad to the next and one restaurant to the next, placemat advertising is generally more cost-effective than other forms of advertising in local communities. We do our best to make sure that placemats are in high quality locations with:

  • enough light to easily read the ads,
  • enough time to read the ads, and
  • cars in the restaurant’s parking lot that are newer model and decently maintained, indicating patrons there have discretionary income.