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Hello Success!!!

This is 99% likely to be premature but at least one page SEEMS to be doing what I want it to… thank you God!

I am in the process of adding e-commerce to our Local4All website and, when prompted to start typing on this very first page, all I could think of was the meme from my HS typing class “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” How sad is that? On the other hand, that was almost 52 years ago and I can type without looking at the keyboard – thank you God and thank you to my typing teacher at Lakeview, Mrs B.

The text on this shirt was first conceptualized as text ON a T-shirt more than a year ago. The first version had no artwork and I was told at a nonprofit event in Butler, PA, that it WOULD SELL if some artwork was added… voila! It now has artwork, will it sell? Only God knows and, based on previous communications between the two of us, I will take the conservative approach and predict “time will tell.”