Salesmanship Classes

About us:  Local4All is the Fictitious Business Name for LOCAL DOT COM, INC., formed in Pennsylvania in 2001 and expanding in 2007 through the purchase of an existing placemat advertising company.  In 2019, Carl Bromley and his wife Jane became 100% owners of the company.  Local4All Advertising operates mostly in western PA and seeks to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses though licensing agreements and hands-on support.

Why classes?  Since sales is a critical need for such operations, we are offering classes to train owner/employers, employees, and sole proprietors.  In the right practice environment FAR different than many ‘rocket science’ sales positions, participants in our classes can learn the basics in our Silver Certificate Class and build on that knowledge in our Gold Certificate Class.

At the top level, anyone who has achieved the Gold level can opt in for a more advanced class where we will also attempt to connect participants to Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 companies where sales careers often earn six-figure incomes and travel is an option, perfect for some individuals and not so nice for others.  We have advice for you…  don’t work for a jerk if you have a choice.

This page is under construction.  Please call 724-548-7249 to register until our online registration form is completed, thank you.