COVID UPDATE:  Some restaurants have stayed open despite policies of Pa DOH and CDC but some of our locations were closed 100%, most notably the snack bar at ACMH.  We are hoping to have placemats there again in the near future.
Kittanning and Ford City Area Restaurants
. ACMH Snack Bar – temporarily on hold.  On Dec 7th, they posted on  that the gift shop and snack bar would be temporarily closed.
. Garda’s Restaurant
. Latin America Club – no events during the COVID crisis.
. Nite Courts (bar only)
. Outlook Inn (also uses our Butler area placemats)
. St Cloud Hotel in E. Brady (also uses Butler placemats)
Duration for each issue of placemats:  call if you want our best guess and an explanation.

Quantity per issue: prior to the coronavirus pandemic, 15,000
Last updated: 5/20/21