Local4All has NEVER been a just-for-profit company. We support OVR and back-to-work programs.
We do a LOT of volunteer work including free support for local non-profit organizations.
When you buy an ad from us, you are supporting your community.

IN (Reactivating in Oct 2016)

We are attempting to reactivate our Indiana County area effective immediately.  Call Brad @ 724-954-0523 to advertise on these placemats.  Corner spaces can be reserved – first come first serve.

Feedback welcome:  If you know of a restaurant you think should be added to our list, please call Brad @ 724-954-0523 or leave a message at our office – 724-548-7249.

Indiana County Restaurants

  • Bruno’s
  • Dean’s Diner, Blairsville
  • HomeMade, Home, PA
  • Ironwood Grill (Closed?)
  • Rustic Lodge

Usage: In 2015, usage was approx 10,000 every two months.  With Dean’s Diner added as a new partner restaurant, we expect to print 15,000 or 20,000 per issue.
Protecting your investment during transition:  We sell by quantity and will move excess placemats around so as many as possible (preferably all) are used in a timely manner.
Duration:  We target the duration of each issue at 60 days or six printings per year.  Quantities used will be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Last updated 9/27-16
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