COVID UPDATE:  Most restaurants have resumed normal service although hours may have been reduced if there are not enough servers and cooks available.

The following is the list of Butler, PA area restaurants where we provide free community-friendly placemats. If you would like to have your restaurant included in this list, please contact us today!

  • Centurion Restaurant
  • Cindy’s Place – building sold, closing soon.  We will be looking for a replacement.
  • Country Kitchen – uses our Butler placemats, our SEBCo placemats, and occasionally a competitor’s placemats… it’s beyond our control which placemats they use any particular day.
  • Crossbow Lounge
  • Outlook Inn – half Butler & half Kittanning-Ford City (K-FC)
  • St Cloud Hotel (also half Butler, half K-FC)

Usage = approx 15,000 every two months based on tracking usage over 5+ years and updating daily usage after each delivery.  Important:

  • We are still fine-tuning how many placemats go into each location but any older placemats are redistributed into other restaurants.
  • As an ongoing policy, placemats with details of special events like the Jeep Festival or Butler Farm Show may be partially distributed in nearby areas to attract out-of-area visitors.

Last updated 4/22/24.

Centurion Restaurant
Petrolia, PA
(724) 756-7221

Cindy's Place
N Main St.
Chicora, PA

Country Kitchen
Rt 8 South
Butler, PA 16001

Crossbow Lounge (at the Bowling Alley)
Hansen Ave 
Butler, PA

2443 Rt 68
Rimersburg, PA 16248
(724) 526-5665

St Cloud Hotel
Kelly's Way
East Brady, PA