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Service Areas / Restaurants

Maps only:  all five western PA areas:  AK  | ButlerK-FC | NKLB | SEBCo

You’re looking for lists of restaurants?  See the menu at the top or bottom of main pages for all the areas.  There are also links in the paragraphs below.  Click on any link for details.


AK is our Kiski area (aka Alle-Kiski) running from Leechburg to Apollo and, yes, with a few locations in Vandergrift too.

B (Butler)

B is short for Butler which runs from downtown Butler up to and including Chicora, Petrolia, and East Brady.


K-FC is our Kittanning and Ford City area but it goes a bit further south, including Garda’s on the road to Leechburg and Vandergrift.


NKLB is our  abbreviation for New Kensington and Lower Burrell.  Clark’s Diner is a crowd favorite!


SEBCo is Southeast Butler County including Saxonburg, Cabot, and Sarver.  Country Kitchen on Route 8 south of Butler is a favorite for breakfast and lunch.  RockaFellas is a very popular Sports Bar in Sarver.

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By design, we choose restaurants that have decent cars in the parking lot most of the time and have enough light inside to read the placemats while they are still on the tables.  There also needs to be enough time for patrons to read the placemats or our advertising customers are wasting their money.

Placemats elsewhere:  So far all locations are in PA.


Berwick, PA.

We are proud to have our placemats in Berwick Family Restaurant.

Two Guys
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Restaurant tables with placemats

You can find new customers by hanging out in your bricks and mortar business OR you could let our placemats be a part of your marketing solution.

Case study: 

Summary:  Where we WON’T waste your advertising dollars!

We were asked for placemats by a Dairy Queen in one of our local service areas.  I’m not sure what they were thinking but they were folding placemats in half and using them as tray liners. That pretty much totally defeated the purpose of advertising placemats. 

  1. The placemats arrived at tables exactly when the food did. 
  2. Half the placemat was invisible buried under food and
  3. half the placemat was invisible, folded under.

Carl pulled our placemats out as soon as he saw what was happening and we used them elsewhere.