Placemat Ads by Local4All

Printed in a single color on white background, Local4All Placemats are instantly recognized by our signature word search puzzle with Words for Kids and advertisers’ names hidden in the puzzle.

Most issues are 11″ x 17″ with between 10 and 20 local ads. In the center beside the puzzle is local content… sometimes a sports schedule, sometimes a festival, sometimes a recipe… whatever we can find to make a positive impact on our community.

Suggestions for center content are welcome.  Call 724-548-7249 or contact us.

In the bottom right-hand corner of each placemat is a unique code to help us know which version is which and help us sort through any problems that may surface.  If you are reporting a problem, please have a copy of the placemat available and tell us the code.  We have paper copies of most issues in the office or we can pull them up on our computers.