Story-teller in the house, hear ye hear ye!

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I love to entertain kids of all ages plus I love to educate kids.  When God REALLY smiles, I get to do both at the same time!

Me in one of my many yesteryears playing tour guide for a day in Monterey.  You can ask me about it if you want to; I suspect I have MANY more stories than you have time to listen!

LOL, my wife Jane is calling today “Mishap Friday”!  Lest she be slightly forgetful, I reminded her to thank God for the oxygen we breathe and all the other blessings we have in our daily lives.

So, why is she calling this Mishap Friday?  Part of the reason MIGHT be that I made a 12-cup pot of coffee ALL BY MYSELF and then forgot to put the carafe where it needed to be to COLLECT and KEEP the coffee for our enjoyment.  Simply stated, it made a mess!

Where is the menu of stories I hope to share?  Well, it’s not quite here yet.  Jane and I are making a road trip to deliver a special Christmas present for our friend Theresa, lovingly purchased for her by her husband through Jane’s Mary Kay business.  I gave Jane a special Mary Kay gift in 2021 and it earned me MANY points.  Me driving her over to the Portersville area will help offset the coffee pot fiasco.  BRB!