Helping Where We Can (#HWWCOC)

Carl and Jane are proudly Christian and lifetime volunteers, currently helping nonprofits and small businesses spread the word on what’s going on in our communities.  Joey Vegerano works with Life Choices and Lynda Reich works in the LifeSteps IT department plus her family’s local business Honeysweet Apiary.  This picture was taken after our Christian Business Partners meeting in Butler and these are two of the members we enjoy brainstorming with.  The introductory video on this page is the first of many resources we will share for the good of all.

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The three videos below are some that we recommend to improve life in the Christian community.  Clicking the links below should take you into “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” videos on YouTube which contain five sections total.  For your first visit with Mark Gungor, we recommend watching Part 1 and then Part 2.  After you watch them, you might suggest certain sections to others.  The timestamps listed will help you (or them) find the beginning of individual sessions.  In the three sections of Part 2 there are subtle changes of wardrobe.

I’ll also describe each of the three just in case the links don’t work.
  1. Laugh your Way to Better Marriage Part 1 – posted by Steve Hammond, 2:08:28
    • Part 1 contains two sessions with an audience with a 4-5 second blackout between the two.  The second session starts at timestamp 1:12:45
  2. Laugh your Way to Better Marriage Part 2 – posted by Steve Hammond, 2:33:09
    • Part 2B starts at timestamp 44:50.  Pastor Mark calls it the “Yo Mama” session.
    • Part 2C starts at 1:59:12, titled “How to Stay Married and Not Kill Your Spouse.”
  3. Sex and Dating Advice for Teenagers by Mark Gungor – posted by Nick Ippolito, 36:18.  In this video, Pastor Mark makes a compelling case for young people to save themselves for their wedding night and he’s funny at the same time.
Enjoy yourself and come back often to see what’s been added!