Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently questions and answers

Q.  Where will my ad be seen?
A.  We print tens of thousands of paper placemats at a time and deliver them FOR FREE to local restaurants that meet our minimum qualifications… enough light to read by, enough time to read your ad (their choice), and decent cars in the parking lot.

Q.  What restaurants are you in?
A.  A bunch of them, sorted by service area!  We think it’s easiest if you find your answers on individual web pages so you can find exactly what you are looking for with very little effort and no distraction.  Here’s how:  Look in the top menu for Restaurant Maps at the far right.  In the drop down list is each of our service areas.  In each page, you find a list of restaurants, a map showing the location of each restaurant and approximate usage for that area.  Some restaurants are seasonal such as the two in the East Brady area which have summer camps nearby along the river.  FYI, Outlook Inn is listed as Rimersburg but local residents associate it with East Brady.  It’s just up over the hill on Rt 68.

Q.  What if we go into one of your restaurants and our ad is not there?
A.  First, we need your help in figuring IF there is a problem.  Some possible reasons for your ad not being on placemats on tables:

  • Whoever was setting tables got into the wrong box of placemats.
  • Restaurant staff did not tell us they were low and they ran out.
    • How you can help:  At the bottom left of each placemat, our phone number is listed so, until every placemat has been used and the dumpster is emptied, our phone number is there somewhere!  Make sure restaurant personnel know that.
  • A waitress or waiter is simply having a bad day and doesn’t care.  Maybe you can say something nice, then introduce yourself and say you expected to see your ad on their tables.  They might have a good reason for it.  Whatever you find out, please let us know, too.  Thanks!

A few of our locations have placemats from two or three companies and each set of placemats has time on tables and time off.  Since we invoice by quantity, you can be sure you are still getting the value you paid for, even if your ad is not on tables all the time.

Q.  How many placemats are printed per area?
A.  Special placemats are ordered 10,000 each time.  Some areas use10K, some 15K, some 20k.  Others are 25-30K per printing.

Q.  How long do they last?
A.  Generally 6-8 weeks each order.

Q.  Do you have discounts or special deals?
A.  We offer 14-18% off if someone wants an ongoing ad.  Some companies call it auto-renewal.  Basically, we put your ad on the placemats you want and you send a check when you receive our invoice.  Specials are posted on our website.  For the most up to date information, contact one of our sales reps or call our office at 724-548-7249.  See below on how to save money as an ‘ad sponsor’.

Q.  What are generic placemats?
A.  Most of the placemats we print can be used in any restaurant in the targeted service area.  They are non-branded for a specific restaurant, aka “generic”.

Q.  Where can I find the Terms and Conditions now?
A.  Hopefully here.

Q.  If I want to create my own ad, what are the specifications?
A.  2″x2″ grayscale since we use a single color ink for all ads, 200 dpi minimum resolution, 300 dpi preferred in PDF format with embedded fonts.  Multiple spaces can be used for oversize ads.  A double ad would be 2″ x 4″, triple = 2″ x 6″, etc.

Note:  If you print a copy of our downloadable contract (under dropdown menu #3), these DIY specifications are repeated in the right hand column halfway down the page.

Q.  What is the ‘ad sponsor program’ and how does it help me save money?
A.  Ad sponsorships are where local businesses pay a small amount for a nonprofit organization’s ad to be placed on our placemats with a reduced price to them, sometimes zero.  Ad sponsorships are stylized to make sure your company looks like a good community partner AND your phone number is listed, too.  Ad sponsorships are also priced to save you money, starting at $25 per sponsorship per 10,000 placemats.