Family Fun

First you need to understand Carl a little bit.  That’s me.

Says “Slightly Odd” Claude to the world…  “What big shoes to fill!”

In celebration of National Paper Airplane Day May 26, 2021

A paper airplane customized for Claudia

Odd Claude is a fictional character in a children’s book not yet written!  It’s also a nickname I gave myself soon after my wife started calling me Even Steven.   I don’t mind being called MY nicknames at all if it puts a smile on someone’s face.  I’ll share a few more with you in videos.  Soon?

Our success in edu-taining you and your kids will depend on you.  If you can’t see the value of teaching kids to fold paper airplanes and measure how far they flew, this website might not be for you.  Then again, you might have suggestions for other families.  If that’s the case, let’s do a video together and include the kids.  Kids of all ages = OK with me!

Observation:  In most cases, life is sweeter by far when we hang out with people we love – brothers and sisters, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.  A BONUS in life is when we are around people who are having fun – like kids.  We see them run and jump and we hear them laugh.  We adults can play too, IF we allow ourselves to be childlike again.

Some of the activities in this Family Fun project (described below) are for one person and some can be organized with a little bit of effort so a gang of 40 or MORE can have fun together.  Are you running out of new ideas?  Check out some of the stories and videos below and we’ll soon see if we can help!

Help Wanted:  Would you like to help make a movie?  Are you going to be the star?  Camera Operator?  Director?  Producer?  Fan?

Ideas for DIY short videos.  Tip:  Before you go too far, make sure your camera is recording, not on standby!  After the first, make sure it recorded and make sure you can find it!

  1. Can a three-year-old say “Quack quack quack” three different ways?  Put your smartphone camera on video mode and let’s see.
  2. Can an eight year old act like a dog pretending to be a pig?  I’d like to see that one myself!
  3. If you’re a kid, challenge your parents or grandparents to take Carl’s “Parent Quiz”!  On camera!
  4. Help Carl write another chapter or another version of Ducklings with Dimples.  Want to be IN the book?  Let’s do a video interview!

book cover Ducklings with Dimples

Carl’s very first children’s BOOK and Jane is a character in Chapter 5!  Quigley finds a friend in Chapter 3.  All three ducklings with dimples are barely out of their shells in the first chapter so CHECK THEM OUT!!!  Quack quack QUACK!!!  In Chapter 7, the ducklings with dimples get together with their friends for a going away party.

Will the ducklings go south for the winter?  Will they find a friendly farmer with a big barn they can sleep in to stay out of the snow?

Stories and Video

  1. Young Raquel stuck with the same story for ten hours starting with “Guess what I did!”
  2. 10 year old ADHD girl shows leadership potential!
  3. City boy learns country ways – Justin.
  4. Rose – stuck with a stalker, gets help from unlikely source.
  5. Six-year-old gets a second chance – Dennis.

Family Fun Activities

  1. The “Parent Quiz”!
  2. Scrabble with Helpers
  3. Word Search Puzzles
  4. Coloring Pages
  5. Family Fun Advertising
  6. Have Fun TEACHING Family Fun!


  1. Heart of a Woman T-shirts
  2. Ducklings with Dimples T-shirts