Ethical salesmanship classes

Note:  The YouTube video has a timestamp embedded which brings watchers to specific information about how the virus is spread.

There is also a widespread belief that salespeople as a whole are liars and cheats when they can get away with it.  Our local CareerLink shows sales representatives as a “high priority occupation” (HPO) but their current system shows training for that profession is ‘on the job’ aka OTJ.  My goal, OUR goal, is to improve the reputation of salespeople by offering certificate classes in Ethical Salesmanship where participants can attend class, earn a certificate of completion at three levels, AND earn some money for themselves along the way.   DECENT money!

Local4All Advertising has several opportunities where participants in classes can help us sell advertising during 3-way phone calls.  Our products are not rocket science and we have low enough prices we get a decent number of yes answers on the first call.  More often though, we get requests for information such as “What restaurants are your placemats in?” and “How much do ads cost?”  The answer in both cases is “It depends.”

What’s in it for our students/learners?

  1. Improving soft skills such as finding out who the decision-makers are and creating 3-minute win-win relationships.
  2. Sales and “warm prospects” tracking techniques and software available to make that process easier.
  3. Certificates of completion – silver, gold, and platinum!
  4. Earnings of $40, $50, or $60 per sale even while a person is in training.  Why different amounts?  It depends!