Placemat Ad Contract

Updated Dec 28, 2020:  At least one visitor had trouble with our Contract (see below) so this “short form” for advertising MIGHT do a better job.  If nothing else, it gives you a choice.  Link to form

You can reserve a space on any of our placemats in any service area but, for both of us to have a written record of the transaction, we prefer you fill out the top portion of the contract completely (once) so we have your billing and contact information, also any special instructions you may have. Future orders we can take by phone or you can send us a PDF contract.

If you are reading this, it means you probably don’t have a ‘computer typable’ PDF contract open yet.  Click the link below.

2016 Placemat Ad Contract (last revised June 2014)

Helpful hint:  Filling out the contract and sending it should be free.  Some computer system configurations throw up a payment request from Adobe and we’re not sure why.  A convenient workaround is to print a copy of the filled out contract using a PDF creation software other than Adobe.  One such software is free and doesn’t mess your document up with a watermark.  You can download it from

Helpful hint #2:  Let us coach you what to write in the lower left-hand side “what goes where” so we agree on total price and quantity.  You can fill out the top later and print as needed.  Our snail mail address is in the top right corner.  Call anytime you have questions.

Carl – 724-548-7249
Jane – 724-841-9776