Co-host and Connector

I am happy to announce yet another role in my ongoing life’s book, semi-retirement. If you look at my life story, you will see that I have always been involved in my community and in the role of helping others. This is another chapter and I’ll try to be brief describing what I am doing and why I am doing it.

Why? It seems to be what God wants me to do.

What? THOUSANDS of ideas and variations on how those ideas can help others. Take, for example, my goal of creating a series of classes in Ethical Salesmanship, hopefully with credible certification. Take, for another example, a goal of teaching 100s of kids to be teachers in at least one task that ties in with my “edutainment” program called the ParentQuiz. It’s not tough to learn and it’s easy to teach. Besides folding instructions, there is ONE question to memorize – “Do you know how building paper airplanes can help your child(ren) in life?”

Answers will be forthcoming in a short video OR a slightly longer video with success stories included.  Personally, I like #2 but it’s your choice.

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here is PART of what Carl does
This is a SMALL portion of ideas I have for helping others.