Salesperson Job Description

Sales is the foundation of any type business because, without sales, there is no revenue… no way to pay employees in the office or salespeople in the field.

What is an Independent Contractor?  An independent contractor (“IC”) is a person who has formed an alliance with a business or nonprofit for the purpose of achieving a common goal.  There are expectations of results and “getting paid” but with a notable difference… HOW the IC gets the job done, WHEN the IC works, and when the IC kicks off his or her shoes and kicks back for the rest of the day is up to the IC.  As long as the IC gets the job done, we have no complaints about who, what, when, where, or why.

Expectations:  An IC acting as a Local4All salesperson is expected to

  • be familiar with the Local4All website.  Many of the questions that customers ask are answered either in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or on other pages.
  • call local businesses who might want to advertise on our placemats.  Calling can be accomplished by phone, text, email, or can be done in person.
  • alert customers that most of their questions are answered on our website, such as “what restaurants use our placemats?” and “when is your next placemat going to be printed for the __________ area?”
  • treat customers with respect.  When a customer says no, respect that and inquire if it is ok for us to contact them again in the future.


  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, IC paychecks are mailed out on the 15th and last day of each month.
  • As of January 2015, compensation is $40 per single space ad, $60 for a double ad and $75 for a triple ad.
  • Bundle pricing sometimes reduces commissions but leads to a much easier “yes” from the customer, leading to bigger paychecks overall.
  • Our automatic renewal system enables commissions to be earned without a sales call.  The agreement between Local4All and your customer is that they will get a discount of either 14% for a single space, single area ad or 18% for multi-area or multi-space ads.  To cancel, they must let us know before our files go to the printer.
  • ICs are responsible for paying their own taxes to the IRS, state and local governments.