image of Carl and Jane Bromley, Local4All home office team.

Carl and Jane Bromley (to customers) — As husband and wife (co-owners and operators of the company), Carl and Jane welcome any customer comments that can help us do our job better and give you the value you’re looking for.  We Get the Word Out for less is a slogan we do our best to live up to.  724-548-7249 is the best number to call or text.

Help Wanted  – Part time sales representatives and trainees:  You can attend our “Introduction to Ethical Salesmanship” training free of charge.  In 15 to 20 minutes, we will discuss opportunities in the field of sales and higher income if you get at least some training in a classroom environment and become familiar with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  There is at least one college level degree available in this field but we can give you the basics at pennies on the dollar.

Training – Certificate classes are available at a nominal charge and free to Pa CareerLink job applicants.  At a very nominal charge, we invite you to attend our several in-house certification programs. We have little doubt that your class will pay for itself through commissions earned and leave you with extra cash in your pocket and skills to last a lifetime.

  • Silver Certificate Training: 
    • You will receive classroom training (theory),
    • hands-on CRM training (lab),
    • opportunities to interact directly with customers, AND
    • earn commissions through our 3-way calling “practicum”.
      • Based on interviews with your first three paying customers and at their recommendation, we will refund 100% of training fees and/or pay a bonus of $50.
  • GOLD Certificate Training:
    • Learn advanced skills that can help you in career fields beyond sales.
    • Polish your own LinkedIn profile and learn how you can help others improve theirs.
    • Learn Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides so you can be more effective working in many fields.
  • PLATINUM Certificate Training:
    • Join us in selected networking groups,
    • Get introductions,
    • Build your street cred too!
    • Display your Platinum Certificate to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and community.