I don’t know about you but, while my body is engaged in its waking up process, my mind wanders in wonderful directions – everywhere!  TYG (Thank you God) for my imagination!

For me my imagination is a blessing, taking me ‘here and there’ in problem-solving land even when there are no problems to solve.  For my wife Jane, my imagination is SOMETIMES a blessing since, when we first met in 2017, I told her I had 170 IDEAS before I considered what many guys do with their ideas.  Without an ounce of thought or consideration, they start spewing their ideas to anyone within hearing distance and, too often, the victims are the ladies we hold most dear – most of the time.

After I told Jane about having 170 ideas and I considered possible reactions, my imagination came up with the words “…but they are all listed in a spreadsheet and prioritized.”  And then a tiny bit of wisdom took over and I SHUT UP!

Fortunately, Jane didn’t run away and my imagination/consideration came up with the idea of adding a column to the spreadsheet where Jane could scan the list and assign numbers to what she considered her Top Ten of Carl’s ideas, after which I created another column and added a formula to average the two values, hers and mine.  Then, by sorting the data from lowest number to highest using the average, I came up with a list of OUR Top Ten Best Ideas a la 2017!

Yes, the list has changed but, if you’ve ever had such an experience, I’m interested in hearing about it.  First, though, tell us in comments what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day 2023.