Please pardon the delay but Facebook, LinkedIn, and my new business have received the lion’s share of available time and energy.

Until now!

If all goes well (we’re in debugging mode), Local4All Advertising customers will be able to pay their bill with a credit card and soon Paypal is expected to be a third option.  Checks in the mail will continue to be #1 for the foreseeable future although our newest customers are expecting invoices via email.  What’s best for you?

Already too busy?  Why not place a “Help Wanted” ad with us?

More changes:

  1. Moxie has introduced our placemats into Berwick, PA and we will soon be printing placemats for Two Kings Pizza in Orangeville and two sister locations.
  2. A sibling website is coming to life – – which has faith-based T-shirts and sweatshirts available in our first online catalog.  Take a peak when you have time and share it with your friends.  More designs are expected, more types of products too and we are willing to help folks like you bring your ideas to life too.
  3. I’ve officially started “Carl’s Idea Hatchery, Logo Lab, and Business Incubator” by registering a sole proprietorship DBA in Harrisburg.  The logo lab is focused on helping small companies catch the eyes of potential customers.  The business incubator is aimed at helping with any part of a business operation that is struggling.  With 50+ years of problem-solving experience and more than my share of imagination, I love being one of God’s tools for helping others.
  4. I’ve added a few updates to posts from as far back as 2010.
  5. With only three blog posts in 2023, this is my second blog post in three days!
  6. More to follow!