2023 Update:  Most of the 2022 updates are still ok but Tomatoes is history and Cindy’s Place is now open again but only for breakfast.

(2022) Hi all and we’re glad to see you are still here in 2022!  You probably noticed many changes over the past three years but not nearly everything showed up on our website.  We tried to keep the major changes in view but somewhere between updates in Chrome, WordPress, the Astra Theme, and our content – it SEEMS like at least a few things were missed.  We’ll focus here on NEW information, not so much what was missed.


  • AK:  St. Gertrude’s has scheduled its first community dinner in a while for Sept 20th.
  • AK:  Great Wall in downtown Vandergrift is open again.
  • AK:  Dolly’s Diner is open near Dolly’s Guest House.  Really good food, friendly service!
  • B:  The eatery in Chicora formerly known as Cindy’s Place is now open as Tomatoes’.  They are still using our placemats.
  • K-FC:  We’re pretty sure the LA Club is serving dinners again in their banquet room.
  • NKLB:  Phillippi’s is now using our NKLB placemats and SEBCo placemats, roughly half and half.
  • NKLB:  While delivering placemats, we noticed Clark’s Diner has a new cook.  We’re not hearing any complaints!
  • SEBCo:  We are now giving some of our SEBCo placemats to Country Kitchen on Rt 8 south of Butler.  Their early hours and good food pull in customers from all over.