Last Friday I took two volunteers with me to Deep Valley Christian Service Camp near Slippery Rock where I spent many days and nights as a camper in the 1960’s era.  Siding on the dormitories needed staining and it was definitely a job for more than one person, especially for a person my age.

On Saturday, I went back to the camp to do some trim painting and took two ladders with me.  Although the extension ladder stayed on top of my van’s roof rack, the step ladder was put to good use and my legs actually regained some of the muscle memory from years gone by when I could go up and down ladders with lots of energy and zero hesitation.

Polly wants my girl?

On Saturday afternoon I took Jane to a Pirates game in Pittsburgh, her first in many years.  In the last few innings, the Pirates Parrot stopped in the rotunda for pictures with kids just behind us and I asked whether they could go down a couple rows to say hello to my birthday girl.  They did and I was exactly where I needed to be, behind the camera!

See the smile on Jane’s face?  I LOVE having that effect on people, especially her.

On Sunday, Jane and I made our way to Highland Presbyterian Church for the 3rd time.  Since the coronavirus rulebook has been relaxed a bit and we have both been vaccinated (Jane’s mom too), we have been working out the details of our ‘new normal’.  It’s nice to have a church family again.

Part of our new normal is wishing the very best for you and yours as 2021 rolls along.  Be well and well blessed.

From your friends at Local4All,

Carl and Jane.