In 2020, Live a Better Life and Have a Few Good Laughs Doing It!

Zach Murphy explaining COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing here in western PA, sit-down dining is restricted to 25% but might soon be lifted to 50%.  Sept 21 has been projected by Governor Wolf as the effective date as long as restaurants self-certify compliance with PA Department of Health guidelines.  With sports restricted at all levels and many public events cancelled, it was difficult to come up with center content for our next printing.  The placemats themselves will have QR codes on them which will bring users to this page or straight into the content that MIGHT make this summer a good year instead of a bust.

Why?  I enjoy helping when I can, where I can.  Here is a breakdown of the placemat center content:

  • #1 QR code on the placemat to this page.  If you are reading this because you scanned the placemat, congratulations and thank you!
  • #2 Code – Ninja Nerd Science Guy Zach Murphy is featured in an entertaining yet highly educational video on YouTube that covers where the coronavirus came from, how it spreads, how it can spread even more if we don’t take it seriously, even the cellular RNA replication that goes on and helps the virus grow in numbers and spread inside the human body.  Using a whiteboard for illustrations, his simple yet thorough presentation was applauded by med students, nurses and doctors for being easier to understand than their professors in med school.  (Read up to 877 comments, all good!)  Link:  Ninja Nerd Science re COVID-19.
  • #3 Code – Wisconsin comedian Mark Gungor explains to a live audience how women think differently than men and vice versa (usually) and how couples will benefit from understanding each other.  “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Part 1” is recommended especially for anyone who is married, who was EVER married, or someone who might get married in the next 100 years.  Technical details:  the first of two videos has three sessions spliced together. Total time:  2 hours, 8 minutes.  Link:  Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Part 1.
  • #4 Code is Mark Gungor again in his three Saturday sessions, again with a live audience enjoying themselves .  Link:  Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Part 2.

I’ll close this page by borrowing a few words from Steve Hammond who posted the Mark Gungor videos on YouTube:  “Billed as the “Marriage Seminar for people who don’t do marriage seminars,” Mark Gungor uses goofy humor to break down your defenses. Make a date of it with your significant other. As the title says, you’ll laugh your way to a better marriage.”

Have the best 2020 possible.  We still have many blessings when you take the time or build a habit of recognizing them in the chaos around us.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with the land of the free and opportunities to help ourselves and others when we can.