Local4All wants to add their voice to the jubilant clamoring…. hooray, we made it through another decade and we have ten years before we have to do it again.

More than a few folks have looked back 20 years to Y2K and all the fuss that was made about major systems failing and, for some, the expectation that civilization would fall FLAT on its FACE!  What I saw were a few hiccups but none were major (insurmountable) and nothing outweighed God’s blessings among our family, friends, and business network.  We still had food, water, and shelter and there was no expiration date saying we only had days left or hours. We are looking forward to growth and one of the key indicators is a simple hashtag that I expect to use a lot in social media, #hwwcoc.  The first part of it is “Helping Where We Can” and the OC might be any of a number of things – I like ‘online Christians’ although ‘online community’ also works. (update:  “Openly Christian” also rings my bell.)

You should be aware of two new pages I just added…  www.local4all.com/hwwcoc and www.local4all.com/get-bookmarks.  Check them out and get back with me if you have any questions.

Jane and I are excited about another project.  3.5 Women, Benefit LLC is a for-profit company with a social mission.  Our goal is to create new products and use profits to create new flex-schedule jobs as well as train job seekers in skills they need in today’s workplace.