Get Fundraising Bookmarks

Available for events, fundraising, and general PR.

Would you like us to design and produce bookmarks for your organization, fundraiser, or event?  If the Questions below don’t give you enough information, call 724-548-7249 and ask Carl for more details.
Note as of 1/29/2020: These bookmarks are fairly new so we’d like to ask your opinion of the bookmarks and how well they work.  ALL feedback is valuable even if everything isn’t perfect.  We’re trying!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are your bookmarks so effective?

  1. They have an eye-catching design.
  2. They can easily be stored in your favorite book and it doesn’t really matter which page. 
  3. Two QR codes on the back that let your audience take immediate action.
  4. You can also stick them on your refrigerator with magnets.

How much do they cost?

Factors involved in keeping the price to a minimum is how much of the process you can do for yourself.  Let’s say you have your own graphic designer but you want us to create the QR codes and have them printed.  Your organization doing the design work keeps the price down.  Call 724-548-7249 for a quote.

Are there any limitations on how we customize the bookmark?

  1. The content must be family-friendly and child-safe.  We reserve the absolute right to reject any part of any design, including the right to not work with any individual, business, or organization for any reason.
  2. The QR codes we place on the back of the bookmarks are an integral part of our signature. Their content, aka the web pages they point at, etc. is subject to review and, contractually, you must make sure the content remains family-friendly and child-safe if and when pages are edited. 
  3. Our advice is to use a reputable QR code scanner such as Kaspersky is an integral part of us protecting the public.

Are QR codes safe?

Our suggestion to use Kaspersky’s QR Code Scanner is just that, a suggestion, but one of its features is checking the target website to make sure it’s not a known spammer or other bad actors.

If we prefer a different scanner, can we promote it instead of Kaspersky? – If you have another scanner you prefer, we retain the right to review your suggestion(s) and take whatever steps we feel are necessary to protect us and the public.  Being family-friendly and child-safe is important to us and we hope it is equally important to you.

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