Hey, all…  just sayin’ there’s savings going on if you bundle any two of our areas together.

This applies no matter where you need your company’s name to be seen.  Besides SEBCo, Butler and NKLB, we distribute advertising placemats in the Kiski Valley (AK) and in the Kittanning, Ford City area (K-FC).

In working our way out of the 2019  Holiday season, we came up with some new deals and new combos and we’re going to continue with some of them.  Call Carl to get the best price possible for a package deal of 20K, 40K, or 60K placemats.  If you leave a message at the number below, Carl or Jane will get back to you.

Carl’s cell: 724-548-7249

PS: If you want to know what restaurants we are in, use the drop-down list of restaurants in the top menu or click here.