Captain George at Work

Captain George at Work

Event posting published Aug 30, 2014
Captain George will be at Deer Creek Diner on August 30th and Sept 13th from 10am to ?? with photos of his work over the years as one of the pioneers in motion picture news coverage, working at times for all three of the Pittsburgh television stations and for United Press International (UPI).

In a humorous story he shared with me at Denny’s in Harmar, one of the captain’s neighbors informed him “Captain George, you have to stop keeping me up at night!” Sitting across the table from him, it was inconceivable that this well-mannered gentleman partied too loud or too late. He continued “I asked her ‘Is my TV too loud? Am I talking too loud?’ to which she answered ‘No. I’ve got a copy of your book and I can’t put it down!'”

Captain George is also active in patrolling the Pittsburgh rivers to keep them safe. A world traveler, Captain George is a person you want to meet and greet.

Deer Creek Diner is located at 13 Russellton-Creighton Road in Russellton, PA. It features modest prices, excellent food, and good service.

FYI: Captain George will also be the featured artist at the Vandergrift Arts and Crafts Festival in late September.

2021 update:  Captain George WAS the featured artist at the Arts and Crafts Festival and some of his pictures were amazing.  He had at least three large tables COVERED!  As for me, I still help where I can in some VERY unexpected ways!  TYG for people and situations where solutions are elusive.  I love challenges!

2023:  Setting Captain George up with the Vandergrift Fine Arts Festival is an example of when being in the right place at the right time becomes win-win.  If you need a speaker or featured artist for a community event, contact me so I can go through my connections and help you find the right person for your opportunity.