Local4All update 2018:  Carl married Jane on Sept 9th, 2017 (9 a.m., btw) which, of course, we didn’t see coming in 2013 when this article was first published.  We welcome your prayers as we try to serve our community together.

Kiski Valley 2013:  In preparation for their Mountain Bike Race this weekend, Neill Andritz and RRWA volunteers will meet at the main parking lot on Wednesday Sept 4th (bring your own tools if you have them) to fix washed out areas of the mountain bike trail, time to be announced.  One of the members of the mountain bike race committee will go out to the site with Neill before then to assess damages and create a to-do list.

About RRWA, the Trail, and related information on their website, www.rrwa.org

On Facebook, search for “Roaring Run Trail’.

Updated: 4/3/18