If you wonder what happened to our Handy Dandy Easy-Pay button, it started having occasional hiccups (no overcharges, nothing bad)… mostly the following pages wouldn’t load properly.  Please send an email to carl.e.bromley@gmail.com to let us know which placemats you want to be on, the agreed upon price, your company name and mailing address.  We will send you an invoice in regular mail.


Welcome one and all!  We do our best to help where we can and that includes helping both local businesses AND virtual businesses find new customers.

While it’s not true that our paper placemats “get the word out for less” in EVERY circumstance, we DO have a decent record and more than a few happy customers.  What we hope to do is help you make good decisions about growing your business so you can be happy too.

New ideas have recently been put into play for our customers’ benefit.  Ask Carl for details.

PLUS:  We have new products in our plans that will help us do much more – more easily.  Please check with Carl or check back on our website from time to time.  Our blog will contain most updates as they happen plus news of what’s happening where.

What spotlights are we talking about?  Promoting the best content we find and providing clickable links to that content.  Have you heard of Mark Gungor’s YouTube videos?  Mark is a pastor and comedian.  His workshops are called “Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage.”  My wife and I love them… lots and lots of laughter mixed with uncommon good sense.

Do you know Robin Stern of Dallas, Georgia?  He has just recently come up on my radar as a business owner, philanthropist, and nonprofit Executive Director.  Robin is passionate about sharing what he has learned with others through his nonprofit “Be Better Not Bitter” and his energy seems to be limitless.  I know of several online interviews he has done recently and first is when I was also in the Facebook room watching live.  As I find clickable links, I’ll post them here AND a few other places too.

Help Wanted:  Volunteers! 
Duties?  None, we call them opportunities!
Pays:  Unlimited “feel good” paychecks that we get every time we help someone.  If you come across some great content, please let me/us know so we can put them “IN THE SPOTLIGHT!”

This spotlight is on Robin Stern at “The Daily Huddle” on April 15, 2021.
Link:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1120361521798085

Robin Stern is right at home in the Daily Huddle with Saurel Quettan and others.

Thanks for being here!

Carl and the Local4All Team